• Be aware of your indoor air quality during the wildfire season

      Every summer, the wildfires leave its mark, and this year is no different. Recently officials of Northern California are warning residents to stay indoors due to the widespread hazardous smoke produced by wildfires raging across the region. The thick smoke has extended beyond California and causing alarm in many other cities.There have been more than 6,800 wildfires large and small recorded within...
  • Cold-Chain Temperature Monitoring Solution

    Although globalization had made the relative distance between regions of the world much smaller, the reality is that the physical separation of these regions indeed exists. The longer the distance between two regions, the more likely cargo can be damaged during transportation. Especially for perishable cargo, shortening the shipping time or keeping cargo fresh is of the essence. To ensure that cargo does...
  • Small steps to breathe better air

    Unfortunately, outside air quality is mostly out of our control as individuals. The amount of pollution billions of people produces every day, with their cars, factories, deforestation, etc… is a major problem beyond our knowledge. However, what we can do is to control the air quality indoors, inside our homes, and be aware of the air we breathe. We spend most of our...
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